We are a focal preferred recruitment agency partner for you our valued clients.



As human resource solution partners for our clients, we constantly aim to provide with our clients with the highest quality recruitment services to meet their various human resource needs. We strive to exceed our clients' expectations and make our clients' manpower search a pleasant and fruitful experience.



International Placement

The continuous economic growth has resulted in a shortage of skilled and unskilled manpower in Asia and Middle East. To sustain the manpower needs of our local industries, foreign talent / skilled manpower are required to supplement our growing demand for skilled workforce.


Pin International is also focused in advising and assisting our local companies in selecting and recruiting suitably qualified manpower from various countries. We select reliable overseas recruiting partners and work closely with them to implement our stringent recruiting and selecting criteria. Our agency also keeps abreast with the latest changes in rules and regulations implemented by our Ministry Of Labour and Gender with regard to the employment of Ugandan talents in foreign countries.

We offer a comprehensive range of recruitment services including sourcing, pre-selection, interviews, and documentation, re-settlement, accommodation and support services.



Foreign Manpower Source

Currently, we have enough domestic manpower to supply network covering countries including Oman, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, UK, Canada, German, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Turkey and more.



Category of Talents

The categories of talents that can be recruited from our network include technicians, engineers, nurses/paramedics, IT professionals, hospitality staff, security guards, drivers, nannies, teachers, sales managers, agricultural farm mangers and more.

Our Recruitment Process

Our foreign talent recruitment process include: 
·  Sourcing of talents from a wide network of countries across Asia
·  Pre-screening of candidates based on job requirements
·  Pre-selection, training and briefing of candidates
·  On and off site interviews with customized skill testing and evaluation
·  Pre-employment training on languages and skills

·  Application of work passes.



Support Services

In addition to our recruitment services, Pin International Labour Agency provides a comprehensive range of support services namely:  
·  Departure and arrival documentation
·  Airport reception
·  Accommodation arrangement
·  Medical check-up arrangement
·  Personal equipping
·  Work and lifestyle orientation
·  Follow-up services on work pass renewal, termination, repatriation and dispute resolution
· On-site supervision, motivational talks, welfare and counselling.